New Publication: Die Dinge bleiben


14.02.2024 | When a person dies, they are often left with a collection of objects. At first glance, these are usually trivial, worthless things. But for some people, they can be much more than that. In the photographic works in the series Die Dinge bleiben (The things remain), photo artist Jürgen Sobkowiak looks into every remote corner of his parents' house and examines the objects and memories left behind there. - The publication will be released on 14 February 2024 and is available in bookshops everywhere. Reading example >


New series: Aus den Fugen


02.02.2024 | William Shakespeare's Hamlet was already of the opinion that "time is out of joint". Wars, the climate crisis, social changes and, not least, personal problems have an enormous impact on people's physical and mental health. People are fragile - life is fragile. Fragility is inextricably linked to being human. In the series Aus den Fugen, Jürgen Sobkowiak unfolds the state of fragility in bizarre collages of images. To the series >


Music video by Emanuel M. Fróes


10.06.2023 | Emanuel M. Fróes is a brazilian professional composer and music theorist based in Austria, with more than 200 tracks released, meaning this a wide and diverse repertoire for many musical idioms and instruments, going from music for film and games to classical, contemporary concert music.


Emanuel worked 10 years as organist in the city center of Salzburg and is specialized in liturgical and piano concert improvisation, at Mozarteum University Salzburg, in Austria, and in Music Philosophy at the Paris-Lodron Universität Salzburg/Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Under his teachers count internationally acclaimed musicians, like Jaques Rouvier, Florian Birsak, the composers Alexander Müllenbach,Klaus Fessman, and Etrugl Sevsay, autor of an acclaimed contemporary treatise in classical and avant-garde orchestration. Jürgen Sobkowiak provided various photographic works for the music video Life Suite, in 6 movements.


Blog-Article on Der Greif


22.03.2023 | Der Greif is a magazine for contemporary photography and offers a platform and visibility for a range of artists and their works. The main focus is on the content, form and emotions of the photographic works. Sensitive and exciting compositions create space for associations. This book-like Gesamtkunstwerk is antithetically posited vis-à-vis the Internet. The publications show how the combination of images by different authors can create new meanings. From 22 to 28 March 2023, Jürgen Sobkowiak published a seven-part blog about his series Kokon (Mensch-Raum-Studien) on Der Greif. To the blog >


New Publication: Unkunst


10.01.2023 | The photographic works in the series Unkunst (Unart) are in the style of Surrealism, Neues Sehen and Neue Sachlichkeit. In his meticulously arranged still lifes, Jürgen Sobkowiak experiments with abstract forms and plays with light and shadow. He brings together various contradictory elements in a single photograph and questions, challenges and provokes the viewer's perception. Even the coincidence, which brings the unconscious to light, also becomes a creative element. - The publication will be released on 10 January 2023 and is available in bookshops everywhere. Reading example >