For Jürgen Sobkowiak, a folding rule is not just a folding rule. An empty toilet roll is not just an empty toilet roll. For him, the simple things of everyday life are the inspiration for ludicrous pictorial compositions. In the photographic works of the series Kunstfug (2022-2024), the artist brings various everyday objects and found objects into absurd contexts, creating a new, sometimes surreal level of reality. Only by taking a closer look do we recognise the banality and familiarity of the objects.


Des Pudels Kern, 2022


Lange Sitzung, 2023


Der Golfspieler, 2022


Chaostheorie, vierteilig, 2023


Ansichten eines Pömpels, 2023


Rhapsodie, 2022


Die verschmähte Braut, 2024