Die Dinge bleiben

When a person dies, a collection of objects is often left behind. A chair, a book, a watch or a toy. At first glance, these are usually insignificant, worthless things. But for some people they can be much more than that: Things that we would rescue from a burning house. Things that are connected to a personal story. Perhaps because these objects remind us of a loved one, or of a feeling that we want to hold on to. In the photographic works of the series Die Dinge bleiben (2023-2024), photo artist Jürgen Sobkowiak looks into every remote corner of his parents' house. He roams through rooms and corridors, attics and cellars and explores the objects and memories left behind there.


Nichtigkeit Nr. 62, 2024


Nichtigkeit Nr. 2, 2023


Nichtigkeit Nr. 36, 2023


Nichtigkeit Nr. 30, 2023


Nichtigkeit Nr. 41, 2023


Nichtigkeit Nr. 15, 2024


Nichtigkeit Nr. 42, 2023